Friday, 26 February 2016

My February Favourites

Hello everybody!
I'ts nearly the end of February. Which is completely crazy. It was new years day like... yesterday! So today, I'm going to show you my February favourites. This is actually my first favourites post on this blog, so I'm really excited to begin!

Doc Martens
For Christmas, I got these doc martens from my aunt, and I love them! They took a while to break into, unfortunately and so my feet were really sore, but now they're really comfy, and I wear them everywhere. Plus, they're red. Who doesn't love red doc martens??? I wear them with everything. Well, actually I don't, but I wear them a lot, and I love them so so much!!!!

Simple Moisturising Facewash                        
Onto something a bit less exciting than my docs, I've started using this Simple moisturising facewash this month, and I really like it. It lathers really well, and it also is really gentle on my face (unlike the facewash I was using before this!) So I would definatly reccomend this to... everyone. I got it in superdrug for about €3, which is really good value because it comes in a big 150ml bottle.

Body Shop body butter (Strawberry scent)
As you might know from my Winter Handcreams post, I recently got a strawberry scent body shop hand cream. I decided it was a bit lonely, so I got it a matching body butter. My skin gets really dry in the winter, d this is perfect for it! It feels kind of balmy, so unlike other body butters I'm not all greasy after putting it on, plus it smells great. Thumbs up from me!

Yankee candle Summer Scoop
Even though its only February, I'm really excited for Summer so when I saw this in the shop, I decided it might make Summer come quicker, at least weatherwise (The weather has been really stormy here recently). Inevitabley, it didn't change the weather. It does, however, smell like heaven in a jar. I bought the little sampler size (as you can see) but its nearly gone so I'm going to have to replace it with one of the big jars that they have soon.

Pig Phone Stand
For €2 in Penneys, this is the cutest, funnest thing ever! Basically, its just a little pig and it sticks to a hard surface. You pop your phone against it, and boom. This is so useful for youtube, netflix, anything really. I think they do them with little men as well as pigs, if thats what you want.

The last, although really the biggest  thing I got this month has been my glasses. As it happens, I'm kind of very blind and I need glasses for reading and distance. So earlier this month, I got two pairs. My first pair are red and black with a little floral pattern on the inside, they are by Replay and I got these to match my docs. My other pair are by Red Or Dead and they're brown toroiseshell and I wear these ones for school usually. I was really nervous at first that people wouldn't like my glasses, but thankfully they do, and it is so great to be able to see properly!

That's everything then in my February Favourites. Do you have any of these? Do any of you wear glasses as well? Let me know in the comments! See you next week...
Kisses, Rose


  1. I loved this post! OMG I love your Doc Martens and I have that Yankee candle at home! I wear glasses too. I really like your blog xxx ❤️❤️❤️

  2. Super sweet post. <3


  3. Hey, Rose! I LOOOOVE your Doc Martens... I think you know by now that my favorite color is red, but red + Doc Martens? *faints in wonder*
    And, I love the candle, it's absolutely adorable! Perfect for summer!
    Love the post, *blows kiss* and keep staying awesome and unique and... yeah!
    - Alice Eastburn

    1. Hi! I love red too, but purple is my favourite colour. Thanks for keeping up the Summer enthusiasm, the rain and cold are getting even worse her :/ !!!
      Rose xxx



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