Sunday, 29 November 2015

How similar should your friends be?

Okay, so I haven't blogged in a while... but I've been really busy with life in general. This is the part where I would promise to post more often, say every Tuesday and Friday, but I won't because then I feel like this blog would be a chore, you know? I write this blog so I can blab on about my life annonymously and to enjoy it. And I do enjoy it. Having a blog is great fun. To keep it so fun, I'm not going to make a schedule or something about when to post, but I will try and post often enough, once a week, say? Maybe more?
Anyways, todays blog post is going to be rather deep, so be prepared!
I have lots of friends. And no, I don't get into arguements with them, or I dont dislike any of them, and to my furthest knowledge, none of them dislike me. I'm the quiet one in our group. The quiet one who gets good grades and thinks of good comebacks to things others say or do - thats me!
I'm not super quiet, though. I'm just not so great at the whole talking to people you dont really know thing. I worry so much about what others will think, as in to the extreme! I was worse last year, I think that I'm overcoming my shyness, its just not completely gone yet. Funny, I can confidently dance in front of hundreds byt the idea of going up to someone I dont really know and chatting to them scares me!
So, one of the girls in my group, hates another girl. None of us in the group are great friends with this other girl, but I dont mind her. When she told us that she hated her, one of my other friends was like "Me too. Lets all hate her so we can be squad goals who hate the same people". So now all of us are set on auto-hate to this girl. I don't say it to them, but I don't really hate this girl. Thats the thing about being quiet, you dont have to agree all the time!!!
This got me thinking, though. Would we not be squad goals if we didnt all hate the girl? My friends and I all have some things in common, but no two of us are the same. So why do we have to seem more similar by hating this girl? How similar do you have to be with somebody to be friends?
I think that we shouldn't all be the same, that we can all have our own opinion on things and still be friends.
Or, we can all love and hate the same things.
Both those kind of friendships work, I've been in both cases.
How about you? Do your friends try and seem the same as you? Or do you all stay different?
Every friendship is special, but is that because of the differences or similarities? I think its a mixture of both.
Best way to be squad goals? Enjoy being with the people you place yourself with. Your friendships are your choices, so pick carefully, and enjoy the ups and downs, the giving and recieving in friendship.
Kisses, Rose

Monday, 16 November 2015

Little things that are the best...

Today, I'm going to share with you the little things in my life that are genuinely the best! I am really grateful of how lucky I am and I send all my prayers to Paris after the awful bombings last Friday. Nobody should ever have to go out for a fun night only to be killed. If you've read my 20 facts about me post, then you know that Paris is one of my favourite places - elegant, beautiful and busy. It makes me feel sick to know that people can be so cruel.
So, without further adue, lets begin!

The first thing I have here, even though these aren't in any order, is Christmas! I love Christmas everything. Christmas food, candles, decorations, the presents, The Nutcracker(!) - in short, everything about Christmas excites me! Not to mention it is only.... *checks calender* 39 days away!!!!!!!!

The next thing I have here is ballet. No, I'm not some ballet child prodigy. No, I don't do classes every day of the week. No, I don't have the small, thin ballet physique.... but those don't, and never will, stop me from loving this beautiful art so, so much!

Helping people
I love to help people. I know, it sounds really strange, and slightly cheesy, but when someone tells me I've just make their day, it makes my day as well!!! I try really hard to be as helpful as I can, without being overly - helpful, you know?

I love to travel places. By car, by train, by ferry, by plane.... especially by plane! I love airports, you se so many different people all busily making their way hurridly around from country to country. And when your on the plane and it lands, it gives a little thump noise, and everyone on board claps and hugs each other. A lovely feeling.

Chocolate is one of my favourite foods. Ever. Especially Cadburys, and Lindt, and Terrys, and... just every kind, really. Yum :-)

I think I'll leave you there, but in short, I want to just appreciate everything I have, and remind other people to do so as well, because we can often accidently take things for granted! There are people out there with nothing, and they are really nice, kind people (I haven't travelled to meet any of them before, but it would really surprise me if these people weren't nice). You can buy happiness, but you can't buy yourself kindness.
Kisses, Rose

Friday, 13 November 2015

Time to de-stress

Hi everyone!!!
This week has been MAD for me - its been like a never ending rollercoaster of exams and studying. On top of that, I felt pretty sick for most of it. So not fun. Balancing all of this with life has been pretty difficult, leading to a really stressful week.
But there is some good news - Today Is Friday!!!!!!
Its Friday the 13th, but still...
Tomorrow, there are no exams
Sunday, there are no exams
Monday.... lets not go there yet
I'm just really happy that its Friday and that I can just calm down and stop worrying about exams for a while. Yay!!! So today, I'm going to write about how I like to de-stress, because I will be doing most of them this weekend. I do these on a regular basis and find them useful. Enjoy!!!

-Firstly, I love to just have a nice mug of herbal tea to
calm me down. I currently really like this apple and cinnnamon infusion from Tesco - it smells really, really good, tastes even better, and its also pretty seasonal!!!

-Obviously, I have to light a scented candle. I love this yankee candle. Its called 'Black Cherry'. Its really
sweet and really strong, so probably not for everyone, but I think its just like heaven in a jar. I'm also staying fairly seasonal, because its a lovely winey colour :-)

-Another thing I like to do is to have a really long, really warm shower. There is just something so
calming about the lovely warm water and the smells
of shampoos, soaps, conditioners.... if you have a bath, even better! I don't though, so I just stick to a shower.

-Another tip I have is chocolate... You can also have sweets but I personally prefer chocolate. Try
not to have too much, though, obviously. The aim of this is to de-stress, not to de-stroy your health!!! (I might do some healthy snacks posts soon, what do you think?)

-Open a window. I know most of the time you are told to go for a walk, but its getting dark early here in
Ireland, and I am also just not bothered to leave the house (if you can go for a walk, then do obviously!) So what I do is I just open a window in a room. Fresh air on your face is actually one of the best feelings ever. Just so long its not followed by a huge gust of wind/rain!!!

-Lastly, if you're feeling stressed because of something your friends might want you to do, then stop that, and be yourself! The only changes a friend should make to you are good ones, and if you feel that your friends are trying to get you to do something, and its not you, and its not going to change you in a good way, just say no. Your friends are not friends with you to change you in a bad way, they're friends with you because they like you as a person andof course, they want to have fun with you!!!!

Hope you found these tips useful. What do you do to de-stress? Do you do any of these things as well? Let me know in the comments!!!!
Kisses, Rose

All photos are mine :-)

Monday, 9 November 2015

Chat about makeup!

I'm meant to be studying right now, but I think I'd rather write a blog post. So I am. In todays post, I'm going to talk about makeup, which sounds a bit strange but not many people do this and I think it is a good idea. So lets begin!
I have okay skin. Its not flawles; not nearly, but still. I don't have bright red acne covering every inch of my face. I have a few freckles, a couple of spots here and there and under eye bags. Not perfect, but its grand.
Going to an all-girls school, most of my friends and I don't bother wearing makeup to school, usually. I mean like, if there are photos being taken, or if its a no uniform day, then we probably will. But not on an everyday basis.
Some of the girls in my year, and a good few girls in the older years above us wear full face makeup everyday to school. As in, like, full face. They put on the primer, foundation, eyeshadow and all that, but they don't stop there. They contour. They fill in their eyebrows. They conceal, highlight and outline their face every morning in front of the mirror. It must take forever. And all for what? Its an all girls school, people!!! There are no guys in the school ever. As in, ever. So basically, we have these girls go into school, their faces hidden (pretty much!) And its really just for, well, other girls. I think its a bit of a waste of time (to be honest), but, lets just let them be.
I understand that for girls with a low face confidence, makeup can completely change them (in a good way, as in they feel better about themsleves!)
 And I also understand that some girls just love putting on makeup. They see the colours and squirt, squirt, squirt from the bottles, jars and pallets and they have the time of their life. A simple pleasure. Like me and ballet. You feel like you finally can let go of everything and just dance. Or for them, put on makeup. I completely get that!
But I'm not like either of them. I don't like my spots and under eye bags, but I wouldnt have a mini panic attack from not leaving the house with them covered up.
And while putting on makeup isn't something I hate (like maths, sweeping the floor and taking my cats hair off the sofa) , it wouldn't be something terribly high up on my priorities list. Its enjoyable enough, but not as fun as other things (I think so anyways)
But still, whenever I go out in public, there is like this invisible person making me put on makeup. I was talking about it with my friend once, and realised something: we really are only doing it for one another. None of my friends need makeup, we all have good skin, but even still, there is this expectation that we kind of have that we should always look perfect. So we wear makeup to live up to it.
Even after all that, I still wear some makeup every now and then. I wear it to live up to expectations and it can be enjoyable to put on. I wear it to define my good points (my cheekbones) and to put less of an emphasis on my spotty chin!
What do you think?
Do you wear makeup?
I can't wait to hear what you guys think!
Kisses, Rose

Saturday, 7 November 2015

Autumn photos : -)

Hi everyone!
 Its November now, so autumn is pretty much over. Its at like a halfway point between Autumn and Winter -  (47 days until Christmas!!!!) But even still, being me, I decided to do an autumn photo taking session. Because, autumn leaves (whats left of them) are so pretty!!! And I was conviniently in my local park today, so why not? I'm not a great photographer, buteven still it was really fun to take these photos. I took some in the light of day and some when it was starting to get dark, for contrast- I took some of the same photos twice (once in the light, once in the dark) and they looked completely different! Well anyways here you go, sorry for the long rambley (is rambley a word?) introduction!!!

turn the selfie camera on under a tree and this is the result!!! 

I really liked just the simplicity of the leaves on the ground here - the park was covered with a leaf carpet, if you want to put it that way.

When I showed my brother these photos, he told me this was the best one. I saw the sun and shadow contrast and the photo had to be taken!!

This was just me kneeling down on the grass with everyone looking at me confusedly(?)  while I casually take a photo of grass....

This was the first photo I took in the dark. I don't really know what to say here about this one - I just thought it looked nice, I guess!!! 

This photo was taken of the exact same tree in day time. It looks completely different here though.

So was this one!!! 

This looks kind of like a cherry blossom tree.... its not though. Its just like a typical tree with leaves (my tree knowledge is close to none!)

To finish off, why not go all tumblr and take a picture of the sunset in the park?

So there you go. More brown and yellow than red and orange... but still nice, I hope? I don't plan on doing too many photos posts, but if you want more, let me know in the comments!!!
By the way, before I leave you,I'd like to give a shoutout to Hope, another new blogger (like me!) She posts really good fanfiction, but she's also done a few personal posts too, here's a link to her blog.
Kisses, Rose

Friday, 6 November 2015

Study tips

Hi everyone!!
Next week, I have exams. Loads of exams. I'm not looking forward to it at all. I have to do sooo much studying!!!!! In every chapter of every subject - I do 10 subjects, by the way. That makes like... a million chapters to learn!!! No!!!

Anyways, I need to keep a relatively positive mindset about this, so... Lets study! It'll be so fun! I'd totally rather study than shop or dance or hang out with my friends!
Oh well, I don't really find myself too convincing there. But even still, hopefully I get points for trying to pretend I'd like to do these exams???

So because I have exams, I'm going to dedicate todays blog post to study tips. These are tips that work for me, so hopefully they'll work for you!!

- I always like to have a study snack while I study so I don't get hungry and distracted. When Im in a healthy mood, I go for nuts or fruit, but otherwise I'll just go for chocolate.....

- I have a handy app on my phone and tablet called Quizlet. Basically what you do on it is you select a chapter of a subject, and then tgey test you on it. This is really handy for like when I'm going places and I want to sudy but don't want to drag a million books around with me!

- I know its pretty sraight forward, but I'm going to write about highlighters anyway. You can buy them in most shops, and in short they make long paragraphs more readable. I've always used them, but recently I've used a post it note and written the important parts on that instead. I find this to be more helpful and, if you have to pass down your boook to a younger sibling (like I do!) then this is a handy alternative that still looks nice and colourful.

- Make sure you have breaks in your studying, but don't take advantage of these breaks and decide not to return to your studying! (Im guilty of this a few times...)

- Lastly, I like to light a scented candle while I study because I find it kind of calms and focuses me better. Or maybe its because I just love scented candles so much!!

I hope this helped some of you!! What are your study tips?? Let me know in the comments!!
Kisses, Rose

Wednesday, 4 November 2015

20 Facts About Me :-)

So today I'm sick off school, so I've decided to do 20 facts about me. I don't even know if I'll be able to come up with 20, so hopefully it'll give me something to do!
1. I'm 14 years young :-)
2. I love scented candles. So, so, much. Omigod, yankee candles.....
3. I have celiac disease, so I can't eat gluten.
4. I have a cat and two guinea pigs.
5. My foot size is 4.
6. My favourite place in the world is Paris. When I'm like twenty and I'm done school, I'm going to live there for a year. I hope...
7. I do ballet and jazz dancing. I love both, but prefer ballet. I'd love to find myself in one of those residential ballet schools in the UK, but unfortunately I probably never will :-P
8. I really love old fashioned things. They're just so much cuter in general than modern stuff, don't you agree?
9. My favourite sweets are skittles. Especially purple ones.
10. I hate regular tea, but I love all those weird wonderful herbal teas.
11. I really love to bake. The smell, the looks - and of course the taste of delicous baked foods. Yum.
12. I would LOVE to be good at art, and draw like masterpieces in no time.
13. I hate having my nails painted, but I love to paint other peoples nails.
14. My favourite colours are purple, yellow and red. Most of my stuff is pink, though.
15. I'm really scared of injections.
16. I really like Harry Potter, but I've only seen the first 3 films of it.
17. I have glasses, but I rarely wear them.
18. I don't really like meat, but I love fish.
19. My favourite fizzy drink is pink lemonade.
20. My favourite season is Spring (kind of far away,though!)

Well, thats 20...they were really random, but hope you enjoyed them and please comment below any random facts about you!!!
Kisses, Rose

Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Welcome to my blog!

I used to keep a diary. It was really just a brown hardback copybook with colourful stripes going down the front that I got cheaply in the local shop, but to me, it was way more than that. I poured my heart into that copy, writing all about my secrets, life problems and so on. I wrote in it when I was happy. Or sad. Or angry. Or whatever, you know. Adults would tell me that writing in a diary was a great way to get rid of my problems. To be honest, that didn't really happen. Nobody was allowed read my diary, so how could I get advice? And my brother would always try to read it. Always. And by the way, people, lets just take a minute to sympathise my poor hand. I had to write so much and my hand was aching after!
After a year, I decided that diary keeping just wasn't my forté. So I stopped. My hand stopped hurting and my brother didn't have anything to inrtude on. And we all live happily ever after. Or maybe not.
I kept that diary when I was 9. I've tried a few times to restart the whole diary writing thing, but it just doesn't want to work. I have school. I have homework. I have dance. I have life! 
And that is why I've decided to start a blog. It'll be like my diary, but better. I'm going to be completely anonymous, so I can be honest. I'll write about my life in general; so that means school, my pets, dance, my problems, my happy times, my food (I'll post up a thing about that soon!) And so on. I'm going to call myself Rose (I can't use my real name!!!) Because, roses are one of my favourite flowers. Don't you love how soft and delicate they look? And the smell of roses.... sooo good!
Okay-bye for now!
Kisses, Rose

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