Monday, 16 November 2015

Little things that are the best...

Today, I'm going to share with you the little things in my life that are genuinely the best! I am really grateful of how lucky I am and I send all my prayers to Paris after the awful bombings last Friday. Nobody should ever have to go out for a fun night only to be killed. If you've read my 20 facts about me post, then you know that Paris is one of my favourite places - elegant, beautiful and busy. It makes me feel sick to know that people can be so cruel.
So, without further adue, lets begin!

The first thing I have here, even though these aren't in any order, is Christmas! I love Christmas everything. Christmas food, candles, decorations, the presents, The Nutcracker(!) - in short, everything about Christmas excites me! Not to mention it is only.... *checks calender* 39 days away!!!!!!!!

The next thing I have here is ballet. No, I'm not some ballet child prodigy. No, I don't do classes every day of the week. No, I don't have the small, thin ballet physique.... but those don't, and never will, stop me from loving this beautiful art so, so much!

Helping people
I love to help people. I know, it sounds really strange, and slightly cheesy, but when someone tells me I've just make their day, it makes my day as well!!! I try really hard to be as helpful as I can, without being overly - helpful, you know?

I love to travel places. By car, by train, by ferry, by plane.... especially by plane! I love airports, you se so many different people all busily making their way hurridly around from country to country. And when your on the plane and it lands, it gives a little thump noise, and everyone on board claps and hugs each other. A lovely feeling.

Chocolate is one of my favourite foods. Ever. Especially Cadburys, and Lindt, and Terrys, and... just every kind, really. Yum :-)

I think I'll leave you there, but in short, I want to just appreciate everything I have, and remind other people to do so as well, because we can often accidently take things for granted! There are people out there with nothing, and they are really nice, kind people (I haven't travelled to meet any of them before, but it would really surprise me if these people weren't nice). You can buy happiness, but you can't buy yourself kindness.
Kisses, Rose


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  2. I love all these things too. And I understand the helping people bit, there's just nothing better then seeing them smile after you've helped them do something! I've never been overseas but I hope to one day, will actually I am later in the year which I'm SUPER excited about. I love your blog!



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