Sunday, 29 November 2015

How similar should your friends be?

Okay, so I haven't blogged in a while... but I've been really busy with life in general. This is the part where I would promise to post more often, say every Tuesday and Friday, but I won't because then I feel like this blog would be a chore, you know? I write this blog so I can blab on about my life annonymously and to enjoy it. And I do enjoy it. Having a blog is great fun. To keep it so fun, I'm not going to make a schedule or something about when to post, but I will try and post often enough, once a week, say? Maybe more?
Anyways, todays blog post is going to be rather deep, so be prepared!
I have lots of friends. And no, I don't get into arguements with them, or I dont dislike any of them, and to my furthest knowledge, none of them dislike me. I'm the quiet one in our group. The quiet one who gets good grades and thinks of good comebacks to things others say or do - thats me!
I'm not super quiet, though. I'm just not so great at the whole talking to people you dont really know thing. I worry so much about what others will think, as in to the extreme! I was worse last year, I think that I'm overcoming my shyness, its just not completely gone yet. Funny, I can confidently dance in front of hundreds byt the idea of going up to someone I dont really know and chatting to them scares me!
So, one of the girls in my group, hates another girl. None of us in the group are great friends with this other girl, but I dont mind her. When she told us that she hated her, one of my other friends was like "Me too. Lets all hate her so we can be squad goals who hate the same people". So now all of us are set on auto-hate to this girl. I don't say it to them, but I don't really hate this girl. Thats the thing about being quiet, you dont have to agree all the time!!!
This got me thinking, though. Would we not be squad goals if we didnt all hate the girl? My friends and I all have some things in common, but no two of us are the same. So why do we have to seem more similar by hating this girl? How similar do you have to be with somebody to be friends?
I think that we shouldn't all be the same, that we can all have our own opinion on things and still be friends.
Or, we can all love and hate the same things.
Both those kind of friendships work, I've been in both cases.
How about you? Do your friends try and seem the same as you? Or do you all stay different?
Every friendship is special, but is that because of the differences or similarities? I think its a mixture of both.
Best way to be squad goals? Enjoy being with the people you place yourself with. Your friendships are your choices, so pick carefully, and enjoy the ups and downs, the giving and recieving in friendship.
Kisses, Rose


  1. Hey, Rose!
    I don't know if you've been told this before, but you are really deep and thoughtful. Okay, so you probably have been told that before, but it's true. I am also the thoughtful person in my group of friends, and I usually only crack a joke on accident. Funny thing is, one of my best friends is the funny girl. We are actually really different, but it works out. That's my experience, anyway.
    And it's fine not to post often; I mean, look at me... I have been very preoccupied, so... oops?
    Always and forever, Hope :)

    1. Same! My best friend from my group is the loudest... still works, though. Opposites attract, I guess!



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