Friday, 13 November 2015

Time to de-stress

Hi everyone!!!
This week has been MAD for me - its been like a never ending rollercoaster of exams and studying. On top of that, I felt pretty sick for most of it. So not fun. Balancing all of this with life has been pretty difficult, leading to a really stressful week.
But there is some good news - Today Is Friday!!!!!!
Its Friday the 13th, but still...
Tomorrow, there are no exams
Sunday, there are no exams
Monday.... lets not go there yet
I'm just really happy that its Friday and that I can just calm down and stop worrying about exams for a while. Yay!!! So today, I'm going to write about how I like to de-stress, because I will be doing most of them this weekend. I do these on a regular basis and find them useful. Enjoy!!!

-Firstly, I love to just have a nice mug of herbal tea to
calm me down. I currently really like this apple and cinnnamon infusion from Tesco - it smells really, really good, tastes even better, and its also pretty seasonal!!!

-Obviously, I have to light a scented candle. I love this yankee candle. Its called 'Black Cherry'. Its really
sweet and really strong, so probably not for everyone, but I think its just like heaven in a jar. I'm also staying fairly seasonal, because its a lovely winey colour :-)

-Another thing I like to do is to have a really long, really warm shower. There is just something so
calming about the lovely warm water and the smells
of shampoos, soaps, conditioners.... if you have a bath, even better! I don't though, so I just stick to a shower.

-Another tip I have is chocolate... You can also have sweets but I personally prefer chocolate. Try
not to have too much, though, obviously. The aim of this is to de-stress, not to de-stroy your health!!! (I might do some healthy snacks posts soon, what do you think?)

-Open a window. I know most of the time you are told to go for a walk, but its getting dark early here in
Ireland, and I am also just not bothered to leave the house (if you can go for a walk, then do obviously!) So what I do is I just open a window in a room. Fresh air on your face is actually one of the best feelings ever. Just so long its not followed by a huge gust of wind/rain!!!

-Lastly, if you're feeling stressed because of something your friends might want you to do, then stop that, and be yourself! The only changes a friend should make to you are good ones, and if you feel that your friends are trying to get you to do something, and its not you, and its not going to change you in a good way, just say no. Your friends are not friends with you to change you in a bad way, they're friends with you because they like you as a person andof course, they want to have fun with you!!!!

Hope you found these tips useful. What do you do to de-stress? Do you do any of these things as well? Let me know in the comments!!!!
Kisses, Rose

All photos are mine :-)


  1. Hello, Rose!
    A wonderful post, as usual, which I found very interesting. And all of these are, I'm sure, super great for normal people, but unfortunately... well... I'm me.
    I have a weird disliking for tea, first of all, scented candles are really bad for my allergies, second, and I can't open my window because it's this huge four-pane that just doesn't open very well.
    Aren't I strange?!?
    But I do agree with the chocolate and hot shower part...
    -Hope :)

    1. Oh well, its the differences in us that make the world excting, right? Sorry I couldn't help!

  2. I loved this post ! I have the Yankee candle in black cherry too and it's amazing I also really enjoyed the tips to de-stress because I'm also doing my exams and I know the struggle. If your interested in collaring in the future contact me through my social media which is on my blog. Great post :))

    1. Hi!
      Good luck in your exams, I bet you'l do great. Right now, I'm only doing Christmassy posts, however your blog is great so we could collab in the new year sometime maybe...
      Kisses, Rose



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