Monday, 9 November 2015

Chat about makeup!

I'm meant to be studying right now, but I think I'd rather write a blog post. So I am. In todays post, I'm going to talk about makeup, which sounds a bit strange but not many people do this and I think it is a good idea. So lets begin!
I have okay skin. Its not flawles; not nearly, but still. I don't have bright red acne covering every inch of my face. I have a few freckles, a couple of spots here and there and under eye bags. Not perfect, but its grand.
Going to an all-girls school, most of my friends and I don't bother wearing makeup to school, usually. I mean like, if there are photos being taken, or if its a no uniform day, then we probably will. But not on an everyday basis.
Some of the girls in my year, and a good few girls in the older years above us wear full face makeup everyday to school. As in, like, full face. They put on the primer, foundation, eyeshadow and all that, but they don't stop there. They contour. They fill in their eyebrows. They conceal, highlight and outline their face every morning in front of the mirror. It must take forever. And all for what? Its an all girls school, people!!! There are no guys in the school ever. As in, ever. So basically, we have these girls go into school, their faces hidden (pretty much!) And its really just for, well, other girls. I think its a bit of a waste of time (to be honest), but, lets just let them be.
I understand that for girls with a low face confidence, makeup can completely change them (in a good way, as in they feel better about themsleves!)
 And I also understand that some girls just love putting on makeup. They see the colours and squirt, squirt, squirt from the bottles, jars and pallets and they have the time of their life. A simple pleasure. Like me and ballet. You feel like you finally can let go of everything and just dance. Or for them, put on makeup. I completely get that!
But I'm not like either of them. I don't like my spots and under eye bags, but I wouldnt have a mini panic attack from not leaving the house with them covered up.
And while putting on makeup isn't something I hate (like maths, sweeping the floor and taking my cats hair off the sofa) , it wouldn't be something terribly high up on my priorities list. Its enjoyable enough, but not as fun as other things (I think so anyways)
But still, whenever I go out in public, there is like this invisible person making me put on makeup. I was talking about it with my friend once, and realised something: we really are only doing it for one another. None of my friends need makeup, we all have good skin, but even still, there is this expectation that we kind of have that we should always look perfect. So we wear makeup to live up to it.
Even after all that, I still wear some makeup every now and then. I wear it to live up to expectations and it can be enjoyable to put on. I wear it to define my good points (my cheekbones) and to put less of an emphasis on my spotty chin!
What do you think?
Do you wear makeup?
I can't wait to hear what you guys think!
Kisses, Rose


  1. Hey, Rose!
    This was a wonderful post! I thought I was the only one who felt this way...
    Another thing is, it tells us a lot about how thoughtful you are. I mean, I thought that you were a super nice, kind, interesting, sweet (the list goes on and on...) person before, but I didn't realize how deep you are. I hope that doesn't sound too weird... Post & post & post again!
    - Hope :)

    1. Thanks! Its good to know someone else feels like that as well! Don't worry, I will keep on posting, even if I have hardly any followers!!



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