Thursday, 3 March 2016

20 Reasons to be Happy!

Hello, Everyone!
Today, it is 'I want you to be happy day'. Don't believe me? Google it. So because of that, I'm doing a blog post that will (hopefully) bring a smile to your face (If you aren't smiling already!) - I'm going to give you 20 resons to be happy!

1) It is nearly Easter
2) It is nearly St Patricks day
3) Somebody out there is probably laughing so hard they could cry right now. Why aren't you?
4) Did you smile at someone today? If so, then you could very possibly have made their day
5) You have great goals and dreams!
6) Your favourite foods exist (Chocolate, I'm looking at you)
7) Everything bad that happened yesterday is over. Forever. No need to look back.
8) You have friends who really care about you
9) Lush bath bombs
10) Baby ducklings
11) You can read this. That makes you so much luckier than millions of others out there
12) Some people completely recovered from cancer today!
13) There is only one you on this whole world
14) You have a beautiful smile
15) It is also 'If pets had thumbs' day
16) People are 20% prettier than the person they see in the mirror
17) Your blog is amazing (If you have a blog!)
18) Somewhere in the world, there is a lost dog poster with a picture of a cat on it
19) Your home country is amazing! (Especially if you're living in Ireland...)
20) Those days that you have that just get better and better

There we go, only a short post for today. Happy 'I want you to be happy' day, and  bye!
Kisses, Rose

Ps- Continue down in the comments :-)


  1. I loved this!!! Your blog is amazing xxx
    Very creative and fun reasons and it made me smile ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  2. Hi, I just found your blog and I'm Irish too!
    Looking forward to see your next post.

  3. Hey Rose! I just found your blog and it's so creative and unique! Here's what I want to add:-
    21) I'm reading your blog
    Have a happy everyday!

  4. Love your new look! It is so sleek and professional.



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